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Sutcliff Swap 2014: Dear Author

See my previous Dear Author letters for various challenges for some basics on my likes/dislikes.

ETA: If you have already started writing and feel good about where you're headed, don't even bother to click the cut. But if you've been wishing I'd get off my behind and add some more, I finally have a few notes.

Dawn Wind, Owain/Regina - making a place in the world together: a celebration of the ordinary, scars: "I love you for all the worn places"

The Silver Branch, Carausius and Cullen - I don't believe that Carausius' explanation of Cullen to Justin and Flavius was complete, or completely true. I think Cullen means something more to him than that. The dreamcatcher, lost in the mist: "I've been searching for something taken out of my soul"

Warrior Scarlet, Blai - What endures through the years: an inner flame, a cool drink of water: "Even an entire river won't quench my thirst for another day in your arms."

Knight's Fee, Randall/Bevis - Is it a deep friendship, or something more? Keeping secrets; half of a whole; "You've got nothing you need to hide."

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