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Path Untaken (Cyteen/Regenesis; G)

Title: Path Untaken
Author: opalmatrix
Fandom: Alliance-Union (C.J. Cherryh's Cyteen and Regenesis)
Warnings: none
Rating: G
Word count: 229
Pairing(s): n/a; Ariane Emory II POV
Spoilers: Nothing much.
Notes: For yhlee's Fandom Stocking. Prompt (from The Almost Totally Random Writing Exercise Generator: "A Building Doorman - will you, would you, could you... ." No Beta.
Summary: It's not that Ari never questioned the facts of life in Union.

Read "Path Untaken" at AO3

Tags: cherryh, fandom stocking, flashfic, g, science fiction
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