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A Way through the Woods ( The Goblin Mirror - C.J. Cherryh; PG)

Title: A Way through the Woods
Author: opalmatrix
Fandom: The Goblin Mirror - C. J. Cherryh
Warnings: none
Rating: T/PG
Word count: 4,917
Pairing(s): Tamas of Maggiar/Ela ng'Ysabela
Spoilers: for the canon material
Notes: For water_bby, who wanted Tamas, and maybe more about Ela, in their future together. And maybe also a visit to Yuri. Beta by my sis smillaraaq, the awesome Isis, and the excellent summerbutterfly
Summary: The way back to Maggiar should not be as long and arduous as the way to Ali'inel - should it?

On AO3

Tags: c.j. cherryh. fantasy, goblin mirror, pg, yuletide
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