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Apologies to my authors: I posted a slightly different version of the text below on December 25 on my regular journal, which has a different name, and forgot to do it here. I suck. :-(

There was no need for me to worry about the pinch hit thing at all! I have two lovely stories:

  • Nesting Instincts (Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells; G) is about what Chime needs from Moon. It takes Moon a little while to figure it out, and he gets advice (and in one case, a bit of bonus snark) from a number of my favorite other characters, including Jade, Heart, and of course Stone.
  • Sleep on the Left Side (Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal; T) is a roadside vignette in which TJ and Amal share some surprisingly good burritos and - unsuprisingly - music. The story includes links for the music of the group Cornershop, which was as new to me as it was to TJ (although I liked it better than TJ seems to). It was also a great relief to me that TJ has reconsidered his concept for Amal's tattoo!
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