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Prompts for the current (May 2012) round of springkink, arranged for your viewing pleasure. Sign up and write!

Black Lagoon

May 1

- Black Lagoon, Chang/Rock: mindgames - one of the rotten ones and I liked you for that

May 2

- Black Lagoon, Revy/Rock: angry sex - Hello time bomb, I'm ready to go off

May 3

- Black Lagoon, Rock/Revy: disillusionment, failure - God says nothing back but I told you so

May 4

Black Lagoon, Chang/Rock: restraint (using hands/body, not objects) - do you really think you can compete?

May 5

- Black Lagoon, Rock/Garcia: predatory, future fic (Garcia being at least 17) - maybe inappropriate, but he wasn't such a nice guy anymore (had he ever been?)

May 7

- Black Lagoon, Shenhua/Lotton: courting (or attempted courting) - Lotton attempts to gentlemanly court the fair lady; Shenhua finds this hilarious (and maybe endearing)

May 9

- - Black Lagoon, Balalaika/Chang: fingernails - we were born to fuck each other one way or another

May 11

- Black Lagoon, Balalaika/Rock: strap-on/pegging - it's not like we live our lives conventionally

May 13

- Black Lagoon, Jane/Benny: phonesex - voices across oceans

May 14

- Black Lagoon, Revy/Rock: co-dependence, possessiveness - you'll never be rid of me (don't leave)

May 16

- Black Lagoon, Rock/Revy: erotic teasing, almost-public sex, sex with clothes still on; I heard you've been missing me

- Black Lagoon, Shenhua/Lotton: knife-play - sharp and deadly and beautiful

May 18

- Black Lagoon, Revy/Rock: hands - soft like a businessman, callused like a... (whatever she was)

May 20

- Black Lagoon, Balalaika/Rock/Chang: sharing, centre of a threesome (Rock) - overwhelming, is it?

May 23

- Black Lagoon, Revy/Rock: facesitting, cunnilingus - advantage: it keeps his mouth busy

May 24

- Black Lagoon, Revy/Rock: (taking off) Jade(/Rose)-Coloured Glasses - "He does it with a smile."

May 25

- Black Lagoon, Shenhua/Revy: a bet gone wild, snark, frenemies, knife play; cut the deck right in half; I'll play from either side

May 26

- Black Lagoon, Revy/Shenhua: adrenaline junkies, near-death experiences - my blood is singing

May 27

- Black Lagoon, Dutch/Eda: sharing a bottle, sexual expertise, tongue bath, delayed gratification; hey baby, I'm just about starving tonight

May 29

- Black Lagoon, Balalaika/Rock/Chang (or at least Balalaika/Rock or Balalaika/Chang): corruption/fall from grace - Does the darkness fill you up? (eyes flutter, like an addict)


May 1

- FAKE, Dee/Ryo: pampering, intoxication, impatience, grabbing hair, pushy bottom; I can exist being caught by your kiss / Willingly

May 2

- FAKE, Dee/Ryo: role-play - There's no way in hell I'm dressing like a prostitute, Dee!

May 5

- Fake, Pre-Ryo!Dee: boundary pushing - we are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be

May 9

- FAKE, Dee/Ryo: undercover operation gone wrong, role reversal, rescue - Dee had always been the one to rescue him, but now he was the one who needed rescuing.

May 23

FAKE, Carol/Bikky: pegging - You want to WHAT?

The Eagle / Eagle of the Ninth

May 1

- The Eagle(2011), Esca/Marcus: vampirism - while fleeing with the Eagle, Marcus dies from his wound. And wakes up again.

May 3

- The Eagle(2011), Esca/Marcus: lycanthropy - Marcus develops an allergy to silver.

May 17

- Eagle of the Ninth/The Eagle, Esca/Marcus: modern AU, tied up with belts/necktie, finger-fucking; I tend to lose my self control

May 20

- The Eagle of the Ninth [book by Rosemary Sutcliff], Marcus/Cradoc: one-sided hatesex, dubcon, power issues - The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference..

May 29

- Eagle of the Ninth/The Eagle, Marcus/Esca: domesticity, teasing, and a long slow comfortable screw; I don't know why I'm a one-man guy

Wild Adapter

May 4

Wild Adapter, Tokito/Kubota: glasses, sense of smell, Kubota vulnerable and asking for it; You’ve got nothing you need to hide

May 23

- Wild Adapter, Kubota/Tokito: intimacy - lead into the light of love deep like the sea

May 24

- Wild Adapter, Kubota/Tokito: fur fetish, sweet spot at base of spine, Tokito as a pushy bottom; I never learned nothing from playing it safe

May 30

- Wild Adapter, Kasai/Araki: strange attraction - What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog.




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