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Dear Author:

I fail.   :-(

You should have my prompts from the sign-up, and you're probably close to done by now, if not completely finished and posted (unlike me). So I don't want to give you anything that will throw off what you've done already.

All I can see adding at this point is some of my "cool bits," which are things that make me happy when they show up in a story:

hurt-comfort | being cozy indoors when it's rainy or snowing | senses of smell and touch and memories attached to them | sudden realization of one's feelings for another | warm and oversized bathrobes/dressing gowns or sweaters/jerseys | someone's profile silhouetted against the light | opposites attracting | impulsive acts of valor (especially on behalf of the weak or an underdog) | old-fashioned sections of town with narrow streets and alleyways and odd shops | licking honey or something similar off fingers | an autumn leaf or item of clothing as the only bit of color in a bleak landscape | brushing long hair or riffling fingers through short hair | romantic partners who are both competent | cabinets or cases full of odd curios | whispered admissions of love or forgiveness | finding in a fight that one's ally feels like a protective wall | cynics with secretly soft hearts | a study or library as a refuge against the outside world | kissing the inside of the elbow or the base of the throat | drops of water clinging to hair and/or skin.

I guess I should also include my big "don't likes" too, just in case:

  • Characters acting OOC, especially if the purpose is to force them into a relationship (doubly bad if that relationship is romantic or sexual)
  • Romantic/sexual relationships between partners of very uneven levels of power (adult/child, master/servant) - only a couple of writers have ever managed this without squicking me out
  • By-the-numbers, every-action-described explicit sex (first they do this, then they do that, then ...)
  • Mpreg
  • Fluffy girlish stuff
  • Extensive use of epithets, or epithets that don't match the character POV (no one should think of his or her long-time lover as "the green-eyed man," for example): these will throw me right out of a story.


Jul. 30th, 2011 07:32 pm (UTC)

Um, yeah. Things are due soon enough that I'm worried that adding something now would make things worse instead of better. >sigh< This has been a very stupid month.

I did put up some info. And the author should have the basic prompts that I filled out on the sign-up, in any case.

Love you, sis.

Aug. 4th, 2011 10:55 am (UTC)
Awww, well, it might still be useful if anyone is considering a last-minute Feeding Frenzy fill for your other prompts! And I'd imagine that if AnonWriter was wanting a Dear Author letter badly enough, they could have just left an anonymous comment, or just poked around existing fic, letters for old exchanges, etc. and found enough hints about what you like there? *hugs*


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