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Purimgifts Again!

I got two lovely stories about Maree Mallory from Diana Wynne Jones' Magids series (Deep Secret and The Merlin Conspiracy) and very special Astronaut RPF about Judy Resnik, who died in the Challenger disaster. I think the Resnik story really helped heal something deep inside that I didn't realize still hurt from her death all those years ago.


My author was Vera (a/k/a copracat), and I thank her very much.

I wrote Lymond Chronicles for marina. This was an interesting challenge because she had only finished The Game of Kings and had just started Queen's Play - she hadn't read any of the rest of the series. I stalked checked out her DW account as well as her Dear Author letter for ideas, which was helpful in avoiding any spoilers about the rest of the story! smillaraaq was my Beta (I need to go back and edit my headers on AO3).


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Mar. 24th, 2011 04:00 pm (UTC)
I think the Resnik story really helped heal something deep inside that I didn't realize still hurt from her death all those years ago.

Awwww, sis. *hugs* I saw your comment on AO3 about that day...for me it was a school morning, and I was up early eating breakfast and listening to the news of the shuttle launch on the radio...my mom had already left for work, she had an early nursing shift that day. I distinctly remember that I was thinking to myself that it was amazing the shuttle program had been going on for so many years without any major accidents, and then just a few minutes later...gutpunch.

Predictably enough, Onizuka as the first local boy in space was my main focus. But it may have been easier for me to process the shock at the time since it was such a direct-connection thing for the islands overall, with lots of news coverage. And he was buried back home at Punchbowl, in the same central section as many of the heroes of the 442nd -- whenever we'd visit the cemetary to clean my calabash uncle's grave we'd usually stop to leave a flower for Onizuka and Ernie Pyle while we were there, and it was always good to see that no matter the time of year, there was almost always at least one lei or some loose flowers, if not more.

If you've got a free weekend day sometime in the next few weeks and feel up to a day out hiking, want to maybe head up my way and visit the Challenger Memorial at Arlington? I haven't made it to that part of the cemetary yet myself, and maybe having a little space to acknowledge your mourning, with the beautiful returning spring flowers and birds all around, might perhaps be a bit of further healing and closure...
Mar. 25th, 2011 02:14 am (UTC)

... yeah. I guess we could do that. Thank you, sis. Would you believe I've never been? All my grandparents were buried near NYC, and there was never that much of a grave-visiting tradition in our family. I haven't seen my own parents' graves since we did the unveiling for Dad's marker (which is traditionally a year after the burial). I really should go there, too.

(We don't usually put flowers on graves, either - we put rocks.)

Edited at 2011-03-25 02:36 am (UTC)
Mar. 26th, 2011 04:53 pm (UTC)
I still haven't seen more than bits of Arlington myself, it's just too big; and the Challenger Memorial's one of the many parts I've not seen yet. It's a very lovely, peaceful, contemplative place to wander around in once you get away from the tourist crowds at the entrance, though, and this is probably the best time of year for hiking the grounds. (Well, the weather would be about as cool and mild in fall as well as spring, but falling leaves and departing birds give a much more melancholy atmosphere IMO than the returning flora and fauna of spring...)

And if you want any company for support when you're thinking of visiting your parents' graves, and your crew aren't keen on the idea, just say the word and I'd be happy to head out to meet you -- you know cemetary visits aren't a weird or morbid thing in the way I was raised. *hugs*

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