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Purimgifts Again!

I got two lovely stories about Maree Mallory from Diana Wynne Jones' Magids series (Deep Secret and The Merlin Conspiracy) and very special Astronaut RPF about Judy Resnik, who died in the Challenger disaster. I think the Resnik story really helped heal something deep inside that I didn't realize still hurt from her death all those years ago.


My author was Vera (a/k/a copracat), and I thank her very much.

I wrote Lymond Chronicles for marina. This was an interesting challenge because she had only finished The Game of Kings and had just started Queen's Play - she hadn't read any of the rest of the series. I stalked checked out her DW account as well as her Dear Author letter for ideas, which was helpful in avoiding any spoilers about the rest of the story! smillaraaq was my Beta (I need to go back and edit my headers on AO3).

Tags: astronaut rpf, diana wynne jones, dorothy dunnett, lymond chronicles, magids series, purimgifts
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