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Half-Full (ficlet, Wild Adapter)

Title: Half-Full
Author: opalmatrix
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: boys canoodling
Pairing(s): Kubota/Tokito
Spoilers: nothing much
Notes: Flashfic, no beta, written for nouvellebrielle. Prompt: Kubo/Toki, the glass is half-full.
Summary: Tokito's feeling stubborn.

"Just drink it already," advised Kubota.

"I don't like orange!"

"You haven't eaten anything resembling a fruit or a vegetable for days. You're going to get scurvy. All your teeth will fall out, and I'm not going to cook you rice gruel."

"I could cook it myself. I know how!" Tokito kicked the table leg, making the juice slosh around in the glass. Kubota shrugged.

"Such a fuss over half a glass of juice," he muttered, and disappeared into the bedroom.

Tokito glared at the glass. Kubo-chan was like an old man sometimes. Maybe he was catching it from that quack doctor, or his uncle.

He pushed back his chair, making as much noise as possible, grabbed the glass of juice, and carried it to the kitchen sink. He started to pour it out, then reluctantly set it down on the counter instead. Then he wandered over to the game console and flipped through the stack of games. Click, clack, click ... .

It would be boring, playing videogames by himself. It was cloudy outside, and getting dark. The main room of the apartment felt more than empty, as though it wasn't really there and somehow Tokito wasn't either. Everything looked gray and flat. He put one finger into his mouth and pushed at his front teeth. They felt like they always did.

Stupid Kubo-chan.

Slowly Tokito stalked over to the kitchen counter. He picked up the juice and gulped it down as fast as he could, then rinsed out his mouth with water and spat extravagantly right down the drain. He slammed down the glass, flinched, and nervously inspected it for cracks. But it was OK. He set it down carefully in the sink, turned off the lights, and crept into the bedroom.

Kubo-chan was lying on the bed, apparently asleep, with a porn magazine open across his chest. Tokito stretched out carefully beside him. "You smell like oranges," Kubo-chan murmured, opening his eyes, and pulled Tokito to him.

"Hey, you're crunching your magazine!"

Kubota licked across Tokito's throat, wet and hot and insistent. "Not a problem," he said, and Tokito's world was red and yellow and blue and there again.



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Sep. 26th, 2010 10:34 am (UTC)
Awwww. I love it when you write WA, your Toki-voice is just marvelously cranky and him. :)
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