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So after lots of back-and-forthing by me about what exactly I wanted, danny_sama was finally able to finish three lovely color illustrations for my four-part 2008 NC-17 Saiyuki epic, Down from the Red Hills, and I have finally inserted them into the story.

The first section is the only one that doesn't have an illustration - parts 2, 3, and 4 each have one near the end. Here are direct links in case you're interested but don't have time to re-read 33,000+ words at the moment.

Illustration for part 2 [rating PG-13-ish ... implied nudity, guys cuddling]: Then [Hakkai] raised their joined hands up to where they could both see them. Vines spilled off his wrist and spiraled around the handclasp. "You really don't mind this."

It was a statement, but Gojyo could hear the question in it. "Nope. I don't. It's ... they're OK. I mean, they're part of you, you know?" He moved his hand to his mouth, bringing Hakkai's along with it, and kissed the twined tendrils.

Illustration for part 3: [rating NC-17 - definitely not work-safe - m/m sex from some distance] At first, when [Hakkai] called Gojyo's name, Gojyo thought it was just more sexy sound effects, but then something about the tone made him look up. And up, to where Hakkai was looking.

Illustration for part 4: [rating G - clothed guys hugging affectionately] Hakkai stopped playing with Gojyo's hair and wrapped his arms around his friend's shoulders, resting his cheek on top of Gojyo's head.


Feb. 9th, 2010 10:57 pm (UTC)
Oh, I didn't realise the planning had got that far! How long does a story need to be (and has the discussion moved off minekura_101 to another forum)?

That sounds like an awesome plot bunny! And since it doesn't look as though Minekura is going to have the ikkou dealing with Sanzo's abandonment of them any time soon (damn it can't we at least have Sanzo acknowledge how much Goku has grown?) I would devour fanfic set in that period.

You know -- just in case you need more encouragement :D

But for now, I'll content myself with re-reading 'Down from the red hills'.

*squishes the teeny!Gojyo in your icon*
Feb. 9th, 2010 11:12 pm (UTC)

That's my sad little Gojyo-chan for his childhood stories ... .

Well, the original poster in minekura_101 said, in response to my question, m"ost big bangs have a word count goal of 30,000." Red Hills is the onlything I've written anywhere near that long. (My C.J. Cherryh opus for my first Yuletide was only 14,000.)

No, I haven't seen any other plans ... .


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