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SpringKink Prompts: Black Lagoon, Blade of the Immortal, Samurai Deeper Kyo

Posted together for your convenience!

(springkink is basically a multi-fandom prompt and art/fic writing community. Every few months, they open up a "prompt post" and users post prompts from any fandom. A few weeks later, the mods collect them into posts by date and open them up for claiming. Users claim prompts and post them on the specific date they are due. You must be over 18 to write for this community. )

Black Lagoon  

Benny/Jane: long-distance sex (by chat or other computer communication), talking dirty, coming without being touched - I undress my mind and dare you to follow (March 1)

Eda/Dutch: a hot afternoon in a bar ends up in a private room instead - drinks, playing with ice cubes, long slow comfortable screw - Hot as hell, cold as ice: sip it slow 'cause it's so nice (March 3)

Revy/Rock: an argument, class/background differences, insecurities, make-up making out or even sex - For every time someone else held you, I love you as you are (March 5)

Revy/Rock: pegging - it doesn't make him gay (March 6)

Rotton/Shenhua: after Rotton drags Shenuhua off the battlefield ... hurt/comfort, learning to trust, vulnerability - There's nothing here to hold on to / Could I hold on to you? (March 8)

Eda/Revy: Mistrust, a drink too many, lies, temptation, seduction - I could say baby baby baby and make you think I mean it - maybe (March 12)

Rock/Balalaika: Mind games, cat-and-mouse, flirtation as a threat, setting responsibilities aside for pleasure - I just want someone to talk to / And a little of that human touch (March 16)

Rock/Revy: after-battle adrenaline rush/crash, scent as an erotic element, sweat, grunge, an argument that ends in a kiss (and maybe more) - I love you for all the worn places (March 16)

Dutch/Balalaika: Power exchange, dominance/submission but not humiliation, trust, relinquishing control - for the moment, mutual understanding of command - I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be / But you're on to me and all over me (March 18)

Rock/Revy: Revy POV: things unspoken, uncertainty, feelings that can't be ignored, first kiss - Yeah, I know I ain't nobody's bargain (March 22)

Dutch/Balalaika: Power issues, scars, secrets of the past, gun play, noise/sex overheard - I don't take your orders (March 23)

Shenhua/Revy: snark and insults as foreplay, aggressive making-out in public (bar or similar setting), gunkink and knifeplay, adrenaline junkies- I told you when I met you, I was crazy (March 24)

Dutch/Eda: Comrades in arms swapping war stories over a few drinks, friendly insults, muscled bodies, sex against a wall - It's been too long since somebody whispered "Shut up and kiss me." (March 27)

Eda/Rock/Revy: Liquor and a double dose of hands-on flirtation wearing down formality and self-control, threesome - Maybe we could get skin to skin (March 29)


Blade of the Immortal  

Manji/Rin: flirtation, liquor, groping, kisses - Don't worry, Daddy - I'm not addicted yet (March 2)

Anotsu/Rin: After glimpsing Anotsu on his own in town, Rin can't get him out of her mind: obsession, stalking, captivity and bondage, surprised by one's own responses - The morning was a different place/in every passerby I saw your face ... I just don't know what to do. (March 7)

Doa/Rin: Huddling for warmth, telling secrets, hugging, snuggling, accidental stimulation - You just do what you got to do (March 7)

Giichi/Hyakurin: Hurt/comfort, domesticity, learning to let go of bad memories, sex as part of building a bond - Started as a flicker meant to be a flame / Skin has gotten thicker but it burns the same (March 11)

Giichi/Hyakurin: Sex after long separation, awkwardness, tears, hunger for each other, long slow screw - I just can't seem to make any sound (March 15)

Anotsu/Rin: trapped in close quarters, confessions, unexpected rapport - When we meet what we're afraid of, we find out what we're made of (March 23)

Manji/Rin: Sharing a drink, seduction, first time, clothing not completely removed, orgasm without penetration - I'm gonna make you see/there's nobody else here/no one like me (March 29)

Samurai Deeper Kyo  

Benitora/Akira: arguing, tussling, accidental stimulation, first time - If your heart is nowhere in it / I don't want it for a minute (March 1)

Benitora/Akira: bandana - Somewhere along the journey, Benitora had become a precious friend (March 1)

Bontenmaru/anyone: history lesson, "And then there was the time I..." (March 1)

Shinrei/Hotaru: Beyond brotherly love, saying goodbye - Those cracks that I show as I'm watching you go aren't tearing me apart (March 2)

Hishigi/Akari: - UST, patience, power issues, master/servant, feigned indifference - Something always brings me back to you / it never takes too long (March 4)

(Kyo)/Yuya: Yuya POV, just before the final issue of the series: memories and dreams, unconscious masturbation (by muscular tension), coming without being touched - Your kiss was taken from me / Now all I have is this (March 5)

Kyo/Yukimura Unexpected encounter, bondage, flirtation, talking dirty, blow job - Sweet, sweet surrender is all that I have to give (March 6)

Akira/Yuya: Solace, confessions, polite seduction, first kiss, possibly more - There is nothing I won't show you / There is nothing I can hide (March 9)

Fubuki/Hishigi: Orgasm denial, control issues, light bondage, leather, sensory overload - I am the fly who dreams of the spider. (March 9)

Kyo/Hotaru: Sparring, adrenaline, rough sex, sex outdoors, anal with minimal or no lubrication - Working on our night moves (March 11)

Demon Eyes Kyo/Shiina Yuya: Cornered – ‘Try that again and I’ll kill you!’ (March 12)

Kyo/Kyoshiro/Sakuya rainy day/stir crazy, "Stop that damn pacing around!" (March 12)

Yuan/Akari: Comfort/solace, memories, patience, learning to open up, touch, first kiss - I can't change what fate has dealt you, but no one should walk alone (March 12)

Yukimura/Sasuke: Age differences - Yukimura has to remind himself that at fifteen, Sasuke is a man now. Sasuke has to remind himself that Yukimura's not really an idiot. (March 12)

Kyo/Yukimura: crossdressing - Just the two of them, sharing alcohol. (March 13)

Kyo/Yuya: Making up for lost time: tight and frantic embraces, deep kisses, tearing clothes, flushed skin, still hungry for each other - Sometimes it's a fire burning out of control / Sometimes it's a candle burning long and low(March 13)

Hotaru/Akira: bondage - He was so annoying! (March 14)

Kyo/Yuuya: settling down: "If we're doing this, it will be together." (March 14)

Shinrei/Hotaru: incest - They are the opposite, but their blood is the same. (March 15)

Kyo/Muramasa: goodbye sex - Muramasa was dying, and Kyo couldn't admit how much he'd miss him (March 16)

Yukimura/Sasuke (Saizo optional): situational engineering, adrenaline-rush-sex - it's my duty to protect you, it has nothing to do with how you catch me when I fall (March 16)

Saizo/Yukimura: UST; unspoken passion; eroticization of loyalty and service, because it's all he'll ever have from his lord - Now I'm down on my knees: is that what you wanted to see? (March 18)

Yukimura/anyone: seduction, intoxication (sexual or otherwise!) - Tell me what's so bad about feeling good (March 21)

Hishigi/Akari: Mind control, sleep sex, guilt, regrets The memories of me will seem more like bad dreams (March 23)

Akira/Hotaru: Sharing a futon, unexpected arousal, wrestling, frottage, mutual masturbation - We felt the lightning / And we waited on the thunder (March 24)

Yukimura/Sasuke: redemption, recovery - you brought me back when I didn't even know I was lost (March 24)

Saizo/Yukimura: Post-battle, adrenaline, closeness, removing armor and clothing (in loving detail), bandaging, hurt/comfort - You tied these knots, now you undo them (March 26)

Yukimura/Sasuke: First times - Can't fight this feeling anymore (March 26)

Kyo/Akira: Akira's blindness - Kyo waited for Akira to get stronger for more than just their fight (March 27)

Kyo/Akari: Begging or offering (begging or pleading for mercy, for sexual release, to be taken; a character offering himself; neediness) - Kyo said Akari had to hit his face to marry him. He said nothing about sex (March 28)

Kyo/Kyoshiro: angry sex - They used to be friends. (March 29)


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