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Like Likes Like (fic; xxxHolic/Pet Shop of Horrors crossover)

Title: Like Likes Like
Author: opalmatrix
Rating: PG-ish
Warnings: hints of a few adult themes
Prompt: : XXXholic/Pet Shop of Horrors, Yuuko and Count D: a chance encounter - "Four cubes of sugar in my tea, please." Word count: : 2015
Summary: This time, it's not a spirit that follows Watanuki home.
A/N: written for springkink VIII. Beta by the marvelous avierra and the perceptive smillaraaq . Includes vague references to the end of the original Petshop series.

Himawari had a very serious expression on her face as she tasted the pastry ...

Tags: fic, pet shop of horrors, pg, springkink, xxxholic
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