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Assorted Flashfics II

Fandoms: (1) Saiyuki; (2) Howl's Moving Castle/Bleach crossover; (3) Saiyuki; (4) FAKE/xxxHolic (crossover); (5) Saiyuki Gaiden/Sandman (crossover); (6) Saiyuki Gaiden; (7) Black Lagoon; (8) Saiyuki; (9) Black Lagoon; ...
Author: opalmatrix
Warnings: mild m/m, cross-dressing, m/m kissage, and naughty talk,
Notes: I'm between stages on a couple of longer WIPs, and I wanted to fluff and air out my writing brain, so I called for prompts for flash fiction in my main LJ, from anything listed in my interests.


Mystery Solved?  
for lauand; Saiyuki: 58 (Gojyo/Hakkai) "puzzled"

Gojyo tilted his chair back precariously and lit a cigarette. The expected scolding was already ringing in his ears: Gojyo, please stop that. You're marking up the floor. And I thought we had an agreement about the smoking indoors ... ?

But instead, there was ... nothing. Hakkai was still just smiling vaguely, like his brain was in the next town or something. He hadn't said anything about the faint muddy footprints, either, or Gojyo's wet jacket on the chair.

Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore. "Hakkai, you feelin' alright?"

Hakkai blinked and then beamed at him. "Why, yes, Gojyo. Thank you for asking."

Only Hakkai could manage to make that sound creepy. He tried again: "So ... what was in that box I hauled back here from town?"

Hakkai tilted his head to one side and look amused. "Shall I show you?"

"Um, sure."

Hakkai sprang up and disappeared into the bedroom, closing the door. Gojyo smoked the cigarette down to a stub, tapping the ashes into his plate (if the rules were suspended for the moment, why not?), and finally got up and dithered around, wondering whether he should get another cigarette and what the hell Hakkai was doing in there. Finally, Gojyo tapped on the door.


"Come in, Gojyo."

He sounded like he was purring. Gojyo opened the door and peered in.

Hakkai was wearing ... he wasn't wearing ... well, what he was wearing was teeny and tight and made of black leather. And he had stockings, black ones, and black high heels. And ... he was wearing lipstick. Red lipstick.

It should have looked stupid. It didn't. Damn, look at those legs!

Hakkai was smiling slyly as he let Gojyo pin him to the bed. And somewhere in the happy delirium roaring through Gojyo's brain was the thought that there had to be a catch here somewhere.

for 7veilsphaedra; Howl's Moving Castle/Bleach (crossover): Howl and Yumichika,"Beauty: Howl Jenkins' castle door opens into the Seireitei ..."

Howl's first thought as the door opened was Drat, Sophie's been into my spells again.

The space beyond was most definitely not the town of Porthaven. It was an indoor space, for one thing, a large room with austere, strangely smooth walls. The only living being in sight was a rather short, dark-haired person in monkish black robes brightened by a tall orange collar that looked like it had come loose from a wooly pullover.

"Where in heaven is this, and who in the world are you?" said Howl, belligerently.

"Good guess," answered the other, with a sly smile. The voice seemed to be a man's, contrasting peculiarly with the delicate features and porcelain skin. Mysteriously, colorful, slender plumes nodded from the fellow's eyelashes and eyebrow on the right. "However, it's not really heaven. You seem pretty inept for a spy."

"And you're pretty short for a demon."

"Oh, please. Admittedly some youkai have desirable or aesthetic appearances, but they're not known for being able to achieve true beauty. And speaking of appearances, what have you done to your hair? Surely that's not natural."

Howl realized that his mouth was hanging open. He shut it with a snap and tossed the golden locks in question. "Says the fellow with feathers stuck to his eyelid!"

The other just smiled complacently - and moved. Somehow Howl ended up with one arm twisted up behind his back. "Come along, Goldilocks. Kenpachi-san will have some questions for you."

Howl muttered and made a pass with his free hand. The man at his back cursed and let go of him abruptly.

"Using kido on me! You've made a mistake, you -" Now the fellow had a curved sword in his hand.

Howl, his eyes on the angry, sculpted face, reached back to where he thought the door was. To his relief, his palm hit a familiar knob. "No, not at all. You have, though."

He slipped through the door just in time. As he slammed it, he heard a thunk! from the other side, like a giant dart hitting a dartboard.

He quickly turned the knob green side down and leaned against it for a moment, panting. Then he filled his lungs and screamed "Sophie!"

That's What He Said  
for amai-kaminari; Saiyuki: 585 (Hakkai/Gojyo or Gojyo/Hakkai), "double entendre"

"Well, that Biron creature was here again last night," said Hakkai, brightly. "Once again, he claims you owe him money."

"No shit!? What time?"

"About 7:00."

"Eh, that was before I talked to him. We shouldn't have t' worry about that jerk anymore."

"Oh? What did you say to him?"

"Told him if I heard about him hanging around my place again, I'd kick him in the nuts so hard, his eyes would pop out. And then I'd gut him like a fish and bring him home for you to barbecue."

"Hmmm ... not barbecue. He'd be too tough and stringy. A stew would be the only way to handle him."

"Heh. You're creepy, you know that?"

"Well, you were the one who suggested cooking him. That was rather violent of you, Gojyo. But I appreciate the sentiment."

"I had to do somethin'. I didn't want that creep chasin' after my ass around town any more." Gojyo drained his beer. "I mean, if I want that, I can get it at home."



"Oh ... nothing. Well, since you've told him off, maybe now I can get a little peace."

"Jeez, Hakkai, if you want a little piece, all you gotta do is ask nice."


"What? Oh ... mmmmmph!"

It was hard to talk with someone's tongue in your mouth. When Hakkai finally broke the kiss, it was only to whisper in Gojyo's ear: "Please?"

Fair Trade? 
for macavitykitsune; FAKE/xxxHolic (crossover): Ryo and Dee, in Yuuko's shop, "Rewritten"

The dark-haired man almost entered the shop head first, tripping over the threshold as he hurried through the door. His blond friend only just managed to keep him on his feet. Once inside, however, it was the blond who took the lead. He actually seemed to recognize some of the items on the shelves and under the counters, and it looked like he could read the labels. Looking at his face, Watanuki guessed he might be part Japanese. His partner seemed bewildered by the artworks and artifacts and ended up standing in the middle of the floor, watching so wistfully that Watanuki was not at all surprised by Yuuko's sudden appearance.

"You have a wish?"

"Huh? No!"

The yellow-haired man looked up at the sound of his friend's voice and smiled. "Alright, Dee, I get you. Let's go. Thank you," he added to Yuuko.

"Yeah ... thanks," said Dee, still looking confused as they left. Yuuko watched them go, her face so still that Watanuki's heart twisted in his chest.

"He did have a wish, didn't he?"

"Yes. He will be answered."

"But what about the price?

"He has paid it."

"Will he ... think it's a fair price?"

"He would. But he will not think to ask."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Dee, three beers was enough, don't you think?"

"It's good beer! One more won't hurt. Hey - Ryo. Did I ever tell ya what I thought, that first day I saw you?"

"If you did, I've forgotten."

Dee stopped. His mouth was open, but no words came out. Finally:

"Damn - that's funny. So have I."

for nouvellebrielle ; Saiyuki Gaiden/Sandman (crossover): Tenpou and Dream: "Chess"

Lord Morpheus silently offered his guest the box of chessmen. Tenpou Gensui selected a black pawn. Wordlessly, they set up the ranks of their armies. Dream positioned each piece precisely in the center of its square. Tenpou's two lines wavered and staggered, as though the soldiers and officers were already in their victory cups. For several moments, the only sound was the slow advance of the pieces on the board.

"Why would you come all this way to play a game of chess, Field Marshall?"

"Actually, I would have rather made conversation. But that didn't seem quite your style."

"I have no time for idle chatter."

"But you have time for a game of chess."

"Chess focuses the mind. And you have not answered my question."

"No, I haven't, have I? I wanted to learn something more about this realm and its ruler."

"I could make you free of this realm. Surely that would be more interesting to you."

"Why would you think so?"

"Anything you wish can occur here. You could re-fight the great battles of history, and better the original generals' tactics."

"I fight enough already in the waking world. And wouldn't I just be battling myself, in the end?"

"You could make that intriguing general your catamite."

"It wouldn't be real. In fact, one could call it masturbation. No thank you, Lord Morpheus."

"This game begins to pall."

A black rook was swept from the board. Tenpou touched his queen, abandoned it, and moved his farther bishop instead.

"Check. And, if I may say so, mate in three."

The fathomless pits of his host's eye scanned the board once, twice, three times. "How could that happen?"

Tenpou smiled, gently. "How could it not? Wasn't I, in reality, playing myself?"

for lady_ganesh; Saiyuki Gaiden:Konzen, Goku, "levity"

Konzen stalked along the pearl-colored path, raking one slender hand through his long hair and dislodging another shower of flower petals. Goku pelted after him, catching up quite easily.

"W-w-why didn't you laugh, Konzen?"

"Because I didn't think it was funny!"

"But it looked funny! Your head was all pink, and there was a leaf sticking out, and your shoulders - "

"And now I have flower petals and bits of twig inside my tunic! They itch!"

He stopped and stared down his aristocratic nose at the bedraggled child. Goku looked down and shuffled his bare feet.

"I didn't mean t' make ya mad."

"You didn't think. That's always the problem with you."

"'m sorry, Konzen."

Konzen sighed heavily and undid his broad gold belt, then shook out the silk of his white tunic. Small bits of debris rained down on the path at his feet. "It doesn't really matter," he muttered, as he put himself to rights. "Come on."

Goku grinned and raced ahead of him, veering off the path to run through a field of colorful meadow flowers. Suddenly he gave a startled yelp. There was a loud splash, and he disappeared from view.

Konzen stopped dead, his eyes widening, and then starting running himself. He pulled up just in time: the pond's edge was almost invisible under a mat of green leaves and rosy blossoms, water lilies and lotus. Goku was staggering to his feet, splashing and sputtering. Then he slipped and sat down abruptly, leaving only a few strands of brown hair floating between the broad leaves. Konzen's heart seemed to stop for a second.


Slowly, the boy stood up again. He had a huge lotus leaf perched on his head, sagging and dripping halfway over his face, and a deep pink lily clenched in his white teeth. He was grinning around the stem, wet as a fish, utterly ridiculous and utterly adorable.

Konzen sank down slowly to sit on the ground, staring, and then dropped his face to his knees. His shoulders shook, and the child could just hear faint sounds of his muffled laughter.

Goku sloshed ashore carefully. Then he took the lily out of his mouth and gently pressed it into Konzen's limp hand.

"Ah, careful! You're dripping on me ... ." Konzen raised his head. His cheeks were flushed as he laid his other hand gently on Goku's wet hair.



"Why was it funny when I was the one who got all messy and had a leaf on my head, but not when it was you?"

Konzen frowned and twirled the lily absent-mindedly for a few moments. Finally: "I think you're just better at laughing than I am, Goku."

He smiled faintly, got to his feet, and offered Goku his hand.

Iron Bars 
for redbrunja ; Black Lagoon: Revy/Rock, "in jail"

"Thanks," Revy muttered.

The uniformed thug outside her cell leered at her. "Don't forget it, doll-baby."

She gave the creep a grimace that he apparently chose to believe was a smile, and he sauntered away, macho confidence in every line of his back. Rock swore under his breath as Revy turned away from the door and dropped onto the rickety cot bolted to the cell's back wall. He got hold of his temper and walked over to lean against the wall of bars that separated their cells. "Why does he think you owe him something?"

Revy's eyes flicked in the direction of the exit to the cell block, but everything was quiet. She gave him an urchin grin. "'Cause I just talked him out of these." In her hand was a crushed packet of cheap cigarettes and a tattered matchbook.

Rock's breath made an interested sound before he even realized it. Revy's grin grew into something sharper. She drew a cigarette slowly from the battered wrapper and held it under her nose, inhaling deeply, her eyes locked on Rock's. Then she put it between her lips and opened the matchbook. Rock could see that there were only three matches left. She stared at it for a moment, then examined the cigarette packet again.

"Dammit, Revy."

She extracted a second cigarette and tucked the packet into the pocket of her cut-offs, then walked slowly over to where he waited. "Just teasin', Rock. You know I'm not that kind of bitch."

She passed the cigarette carefully through the bars into his waiting fingers, then tore off one of the worn matches and struck it. At first it looked like it wouldn't catch, but finally it sputtered to life, and they both breathed again. Revy held the tiny flame up in narrow space between the bars, and they both leaned toward it and managed to light up before it burned down to her fingertips. As one, they drew in the first lungful of bitter, delicious smoke.

Rock turned away and sank down to sit with his back against the bars. After a moment, there was a scuff and slither from the cell behind him and he knew, from her warmth against his between the cold pieces of metal, that she had done the same.

"Thanks, Revy."

"Anytime, dude."

She's Gone 
for ginnyvos ; Saiyuki: Goku/Gojyo, "hurt/comfort"

Gojyo rubbed his eyes, but despite the darkness, there was no mistake. Goku's bedroll was empty. He scanned the area around their camp, but couldn't see any sign of the monkey. Hakkai raised his head and blinked, the light from the half-full moon gleaming unevenly on his false eye, his real eye. "What is the matter?"

"Went off fer a piss - now the kid's gone."

"We must look for him."

"Nah, you stay here. Keep an eye on stuff. I dozed off while you were drivin'."

He turned and walked off before Hakkai could argue. They had made camp in a sheltered little hollow in the foothills at the edge of the desert. Now Gojyo climbed up to the rise above the camp and looked around. Back in the desert, the long plume of smoke from the remains of the youkai village was faintly visible, grey-white with reflected moonlight against the velvet black of the sky. Gojyo followed the easiest path down the desert side of the hill and soon came upon Goku, sitting on a rocky outcrop and gazing at the faint streamers of smoke wavering above the sand. He looked around at the sound of Gojyo's footsteps, then turned away again.

"Oi, monkey!"

There was no reply.

Gojyo climbed up beside him and grabbed his shoulder to pull him around. His face might have been carved from the stone beneath him, but wet streaks gleamed across his cheeks, from eyes to chin. Gojyo cleared his throat and shoved the kid a little, because he'd been worried and then he'd been pissed off. Goku hunched his shoulders and ignored his friend. After a moment, Gojyo sat down next to him.

"We can't stay here more'n a couple minutes, kid. Hakkai's by himself back there."

Goku sighed and sniffed. Way to go, asshole, Gojyo lectured himself. Remind him that Sanzo's still missing too.

He stretched one arm around the kid's shoulders and hugged him as close as he could. After a second's token resistance, Goku curled against him. Gojyo could feel him shivering. In the darkness here at the edge of the desert, a person could almost imagine the smell of the burnt buildings, could almost faintly hear the echo of the explosion of a cart full of volatiles, could almost see the curves and planes of a pert young face framed with pigtails tied with red ribbons. Gojyo wrapped his other arm around as well and rocked the two of them together, making a warm spot against the cold.

"Hey. You know she loved you."

"I guess ... I guess I do." Goku's voice was thick and hoarse.

"Some folks never get even that much."

Goku pushed away from him gently and made an attempt to smile, his face even more wet than before. Gojyo's heart felt like someone had kicked it, hard. He gathered himself to his feet and drew Goku up with him. Kid had become heavier and taller. Maybe "kid" wasn't the right word anymore. He put his arm around the young man's shoulders again. "C'mon, gotta get you some sleep."

Together, they walked slowly back down the hill to the camp.

for smillaraaq ; Black Lagoon: Shenhua, "red as blood"

The bare face in the mirror stared back at her. Dr. Ko had done her work well: the scars would be only the tiniest white lines in a month or so. Her souvenirs from the battle at the warehouse would be small indeed.

Still, it was the face of the skinny little girl from the village in the hills: not anyone she wanted to see for more than a few moments, not ever again.

Freshly manicured fingers pulled bottles and tubes from the compartments in the big box. Concealer, dabbed gingerly over the new scars; foundation, more than usual. It was the last bottle: a trip to Hong Kong would be best, but maybe Bangkok would have to do. Powder, with the big, soft brush. Shadow, a twilight plum, and a slightly frosted highlight to tone. Eyeliner. A little mascara, and eyebrow pencil. Just a hint of blush.

And then, for the lips, a deep bloody blue red that perfectly matched her favorite dress.

Painting it on was a pleasure. Her hand seemed to move on its own, as sure as that of any master artist. She watched the face in the mirror leap to life again. The impeccable lips smiled slightly as she released her hair from the silk scarf that had held it back.

You watch out, Roanapur - here come Shenhua, one more time!


Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:13 am (UTC)
Mmmm, literal warpaint! *beams* I do so love seeing Shenhua put the femme into femme fatale. And I'm tickled pink that *you* wrote makeup porn for me! :)

The rest are all great too, of course. Tenpou would definitely be in the select category of beings capable of giving Morpheus a raging headache, and Konzen's last line gave me a big goofy grin. But that Goku/Gojyo story was particularly outstanding -- they're so perfectly brotherly and inarticulate and just *them* that I want to give all those dear broken boys a big hug.

(And I remain convinced that the "catch" in the first one is what else is in the box...because if Hakkai's found a retailer of specialty sizes that meets his approval, how could he not get a little something or other for Gojyo as long as he's plotting? Being kinky is no excuse for not maximizing one's shopping efficiency, after all! *grins*)


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