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Astray (fic, Saiyuki)

Title: Astray
Author: opalmatrix
Warnings: Violence against a child and a small animal, swearing, angst.
Pairing(s): n/a
Spoilers: General for Gojyo's childhood
Notes: written for saiyuki_time, Challenge #52, word list: Grow. Feather. Knife. Angular. Cat; time allowed: 60 minutes; time taken: 75 minutes. This prompt awoke a plot bunny that's been asleep since smillaraaq and I discussed it last - at least 18 months ago. (I feel like I should apologize to everyone, on a couple of levels.)
Summary: Small Gojyo decides to bring home a kitten. It does not go well

The little cat's back was a soft, smoky gray ...

Tags: fic, gen, gojyo-chan, jien, pg-13, saiyuki, saiyuki-time
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