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Master Fic List for 2008

Baaaah, I am a sheep. All the cool kids were doing it, hence I flock. There was, of course, the question of Yuletide fics, which are written in year x but get revealed on Jan. 1st of year x + 1. I decided that I would include my Yuletide 2008 stories, which were written in December.

I did lots of sayuki_time writing prompts, and I think that they helped a lot, especially because I tend to be wordy, and the shorter timed prompts curbed that. I also learned a lot from my beta readers on my longer pieces, especially sanada, smillaraaq, kispexi2 , redbrunja , and my sister A.

Night Shift Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) PG-13 2020 words
Sometimes, all that stands between Hakkai and his inner darkness is a pair of cold hands and a warm heart.
Transformed Saiyuki (Hakkai and Gojyo) PG-13 1005 words
In the aftermath of having removed his limiters purposefully for the first time, Hakkai's thoughts won't let him sleep. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #1, Someone's First Time - Not Sexual
Never Look Back Saiyuki (Yaone) PG 574 words
When your past has already given you up, there's no point in clinging to it. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #1a, Rebirth
On the Road Sayuki (the Ikkou) PG 457 words
Sometimes, the lesser of two evils might be just what the doctor ordered. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #2, Unexplored Territory
Scented Saiyuki (Gyokumen Koushou) PG-13 or R 802 words
The Lady of Houtou is finding it harder and harder to wait. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #3, Post-coital
Overcrowded Sayuki (the Ikkou) PG 903 words
Four tired travelers and a noisy, busy taproom. Heaven, or hell? Written for sayuki_time Challenge #4, Opposites
Lighter Saiyuki (Sanzo/Goku) PG-13 1190 words
You can't always get what you want, but sometimes you get what you need.
Withdrawn Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) R 671 words
It's early in their relationship, Gojyo is out for the evening, and Hakkai is having ... issues. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #5, Addiction
Chilling Saiyuki (Sanzo, Goku) PG 1254 words
There's no better cure for a stifling summer night than a little monkey business. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #6, Humor
Apparitions Saiyuki (Dokugakuji) PG 472 words
He was only trading one sorrow for another ... but somehow it felt a lot better. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #7, Ghosts
Cast-Offs Saiyuki (Gojyo/Hakkai) PG-13 2259 words
Hakkai wants Gojyo to get rid of some baggage, but Gojyo's not the only one who needs to let go. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #8, Spring Cleaning
Taking Wing Saiyuki ( Nii Jianyi [Ukoku]) PG 743 words
The Muten Sutra is in no mere tool, and Ukoku has a long, hard road to travel before he gets where he wants to go. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #9, Magic.
Fairy Tale Saiyuki (Gojyo/Hakkai) R 1261 words
How the hell did Gojyo know that Hakkai needed him, back home? Must be ... magic.
Loving-Kindness Saiyuki Gaiden (Kenren & Co.) PG 671 words
Kenren has warmth enough to spare. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #10, Kenren.
Solace Saiyuki (Goku) G 489 words
Goku, scents, and memory. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #11, Sense of Smell.
Perspective Saiyuki (Goku) PG-13 409 words
Goku still remembers the day that Hakkai lost his eye. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #12, Sense of Sight.
Flesh of My Flesh Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) PG-13 1432 words
Gojyo inspires Hakkai to a peculiar flight of fancy. (Note: Fluff! Crack! Schmoop! And a semi-technical discussion of mpreg!)
Skin-Hunger Saiyuki (Hakkai) PG-13 333 words
Hakkai wonders about the peculiar nostalgia he's feeling. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #13, Sense of Touch.
Memorandum Saiyuki (Hakkai) PG-13 109 words
Many things can jog one's memory. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #14, Sense of Taste.
Antiphony Saiyuki (Sanzo, Gojyo) PG 29 words
Two haiku. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #15, Sense of Hearing.
Nothing To See Saiyuki (Sanzo) PG 383 words
It's hard to blunt the sharpest of senses for long, but sometimes a moment is all that it takes. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #16, The Sixth Sense.
The Tide Saiyuki (Hakkai) PG-13 1643 words
During his time in the Temple, Hakkai's sanity ebbs and flows. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #17, Sanity and Insanity.
The Bottom Line Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) PG-13 470 words
Gojyo needs some new jeans. Hakkai's going to make sure they get their money's worth.
Dona Nobis Pacem Saiyuki (Sanzo) PG 999 words
Sanzo's a little surprised by his reactions to Goku's troubles. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #18, Random Words.
Score! Saiyuki (the Ikkou) PG-13 585 words
Gojyo decides that Sanzo needs cheering up. It doesn't work out quite the way he expects. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #19, Games.
Too Damn Hot Samurai Deeper Kyo (Saizo/Yukimura) PG-13 777 words
The Sanada Ten's hot weather pastime of choice is only inflaming Saizo's problems further.
Under Cover Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) PG 464 words
Under the influence of some beer, Gojyo considers Hakkai's usual uniform. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #20, Clothing.
A Big Enough Umbrella Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo; AU) PG-13 1237 words
A rainy night, two lonely people, one umbrella. Cue the sappy music ... . Written for sayuki_time Challenge #21, Clichés.
Tasty? Saiyuki (Goku/Sanzo; Gojyo/Hakkai) PG-13 296 words
Goku has an interesting question for Gojyo. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #23, Secret Fantasies.
Delusions Saiyuki (Zakuro) PG 516 words
Haven't you always wondered how he does it? Well, Zakuro-sama will tell you how! Written for sayuki_time Challenge #24, Art.
Hungry Saiyuki (Goku/Sanzo) G 946 words
Sanzo thinks Goku could use a few more pork buns. But that's not want Goku really needs. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #26, Same Scene, Two Viewpoints.
All Souls Saiyuki Gaiden (Tenpou) PG 670 words
Tenpou enjoys a curious autumnal celebration. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #28, Tenpou Visits the World Below.
Sense of Place Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) PG 645 words
The first weeks on the road were the hardest for Hakkai. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #31, Homesickness.
Down from the Red Hills Saiyuki (Hakkai/Gojyo) NC-17 (as a whole) ~33,500 words
When a limiter-less Hakkai chases some fleeing youkai into the hills and doesn't return, Gojyo goes after him. The journey back is much longer than he ever expected. (Posted as four parts plus notes. Link given is to first part.)
Written on the Water Saiyuki (Dokugakuji) PG 681 words
Hey ... Dad? Written for sayuki_time Challenge #34, Letters to the Dead.
Bedazzled Saiyuki (Goku/Sanzo) PG 414 words
Food's not the only thing that distracts Goku. Written for sayuki_time Challenge #35, Head Over Heels.
A Light in the Darkness Martha Wells: Fall of Ile-Rien series PG 7368 words
To their sorrow, Tremaine and Ilias find that prejudices die harder than gratitude. Fortunately, help is on the way. Written for Yuletide 2008
A Quiet Place P.C. Hodgell: Chronicles of the Kencyrath PG 2307 words
Kindrie finds that booklearning isn't the only sort of education a person can get at Mount Alban. Written for Yuletide 2008
Assorted Flashfics (1) Watership Down; (2) Antique Bakery/Pet Shop of Horrors; (3) Samurai Deeper Kyo; (4) xxxHolic; (5) Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service; (6) Saiyuki G to PG-13 ~1300 words
The result of asking the f-list for prompts from my interests on my main account. The last couple were written in 2009.



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