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A Quiet Place (Yuletide; fic; P.C. Hodgell - Chronicles of the Kencyrath)

Title: A Quiet Place
Author: opalmatrix
Warnings: very brief nudity (in a dream); possible nascent m/m feelings if you read it that way
Pairing(s): n/a
Spoilers: Kindrie's family tree and situation through Book 3, Seeker's Mask
Notes: The subject of this story is very near to my heart, and I have to thank the recipient for giving me a chance to write about one of my favorite fandoms. Unbeta'ed, I must confess. I'd actually thought about this scene several times in the past, but it changed as I started to write it down.
Summary: Kindrie finds that booklearning isn't the only sort of education a person can get at Mount Alban.

Kindrie didn't realize how tired he had become ...

Tags: p.c. hodgell, pg, yuletide
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