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Assorted Flashfics

Fandoms: (1) Watership Down; (2) Antique Bakery/Pet Shop of Horrors; (3) Samurai Deeper Kyo; (4) xxxHolic; (5) Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service; (6) Saiyuki
Author: opalmatrix
Warnings: mild m/m innuendo; swearing; m/m kiss
Notes: I wanted to get back into the swing of things after Yuletide, so I asked for some prompts on my main account, from anything on my interests. Still in progress, so I'll be adding more.

Early Warning  
(for rachelmanija; Watership Down: Bigwig, "something autumnal")

Bigwig was lying contentedly in a patch of late-afternoon sunshine. A largish butterfly was fluttering nearby, its wings casting flickering shadows across his half-closed eyes.

"C-c-cold ... ," muttered a shaky little voice nearby.

Fiver again, thought Bigwig, irritated. But he rolled over and sat up anyway. The smaller buck's eyes showed a ring of white all the way 'round. Bigwig touched noses with him, but Fiver felt quite alright.

"Did you ... see something, Fiver?"

Fiver, who hadn't moved at all when Bigwig touched his nose, started at the sound of his voice, then shook himself all over and blinked several times, as though waking up. "Hmm ... did you say something, Bigwig?"

Bigwig stared at him for a moment, then flicked his ears and settled back down. "Don't worry about it, Fiver."

Fiver snuggled down next to him and closed his eyes. After a moment, Bigwig did the same.

Poor little begger.

The evening breeze began to blow. Unnoticed, a yellow leaf shook itself free of a branch overhead and drifted down to land silently on the grass in front of them.

Sweet Tooth  
(for smillaraaq ; Antique Bakery/Pet Shop of Horrors crossover: "D, with his sweet tooth, might be most appreciative of the foodporn from Antique")

"The pears are freshly poached? Unbelievable! To find a patissiere willing to take the time, in this day and age ... !"

Ono felt his pulse pick up. The small, fine-boned Chinese man on the other side of the counter was by no means his usual type, but nonetheless, he could easily believe that he was falling in love. The fellow was amazingly knowledgeable about the finer points of French pastries, and flatteringly pleased to meet the man who had produced the specimens on display today in the Antique's carefully temperature-controlled front case.

"Of course it takes more time to do it myself," he answered, meeting the other man's eyes confidently. "But I feel that the intensity of the flavor is ... ."

His practiced patter faltered. The customer had one violet eye and one gold eye.

*   *   *   *   *   *

Count D stepped from the pastry shop 10 minutes later, delicately carrying a stack of carefully packed pastry boxes tied festively with a ribbon. He felt the bespectacled patissiere's eyes on his back and sighed as the driver opened the door of the car he'd hired.

Poor creature. He wasn't to know, of course, that the mating display of even the most glorious gamecock has little effect on the eagle.

Fortunately, the eagle in question had been hungering for Charlotte Aux Poires William instead.

Two Tigers  
(for misura; Samurai Deeper Kyo: Akira and Benitora , "pet the tiger" ... I have a feeling this isn't what you had in mind but that's what came out ... )

It was a very good jug of sake: Yukimura had picked it out. After a few cups, it occurred to Benitora that they hadn't fought anything in a few days.

"Akira-han! Look -- they've got a nice, big courtyard! Fight with me - please? C'mon, ya don't wanna just sit there all night on yer ass with th' girls, like Yukimura-han or K-k-k ... um, somethin' !"

Yukimura smiled girlishly, his eyes only half open, and went back to his fancy sweet-talk with Okuni-han. Kyo yawned and took a lazy drag on his pipe. Emboldened, Benitora plunked himself down right next to Akira and grabbed his shoulder. "C'mon, Akira-han ...!"

Akira sighed and set down his cup. His face remained as enigmatic as ever as he rubbed his knuckles across the top of Benitora's bullet head vigorously, knocking the taller man's striped head cloth askew on his red stubble. Then he punched Benitora in the ribs hard enough to knock him clear across the room and into one of the carved pillars that held up the roof, where he collapsed in a messy pile, arms and legs sticking out in random directions.

There was a polite silence from the rest of the party. Yukimura mimed applause. Kyo picked up a saucer of shochu from the table next to his elbow, downed it in one gulp, and smiled at the sight. Akira bowed slighly in his direction. Gradually the level of chatter in the room rose to its former level.

"Good one, Akira-han!" moaned Benitora, appreciatively.

Note: Benitora's name means "Red Tiger"

Wake-Up Call  
(for freeradical9; "[A] bit about the pipe fox spirit from Xxxholic. Four calling birds might work well ...")

"Oh gods, what's that noise?!"

Yuuko clutched her pounding skull and peered blearily out from under the ice bag Watanuki had carefully perched on her forehead. Her part-time servant stood staunchly at her bedside, holding a tray with a pitcher of water, a tumbler, a teapot with a matching cup, a small bowl of miso soup, and a plate of umeboshi. He was doing his best to ignore the tickling of the pipe-fox that was snuggling around his neck, its long fuzzy tail draped down his back inside of his shirt.

"They're uguisu, Yuuko-san. I think they want to cheer you up."

One of the four little brown warblers flew down to perch on Yuuko's headboard and fluted a fragment of sweet melody. Yuuko shuddered and reached blindly for the tray, nearly knocking off the pitcher. "Tell 'em go 'way ... owwww, my head!"

Watanuki managed to rescue the tray and set it down on the little table. With the knack of long practice, he got her to drink a glass of water and eat two umeboshi, and left her sipping slightly less miserably at her soup. He beckoned impatiently at the birds, who followed him out.

Back in the kitchen, Watanuki extracted the reluctant pipe-fox from inside his shirt and stared it straight in the eyes. "I know you meant well, but tell your feathered friends to go away!"

Maru and Moro giggled. "Go, go, go!" they squealed. The birds chirped in counterpoint. The pipe-fox dived down the back of his shirt again and started wiggling under the waistband of his trousers. Watanuki shrieked.

Oh no ... just another lovely day at the shop ... !

The Real Thing  
(for sanada; Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service: "Something with the puppet" + bonus seasonal addition: Five gold rings)

Yata knew it was all his own fault. If he'd been able to make up his mind faster about what to do with his New Year's money from Obachan, Karellis would never have seen that advertising banner in the mall.


On and on and on ... he was doomed.

*   *   *   *   *   *

"Yata ... is that a gold chain wrapped around your puppet's ... hand?" asked Makino, innocently.

"Har har har. No way."


Yata had stuffed his hand in the pocket of his thick winter coat. I'm just lucky she doesn't know about the rings on the other four fingers ... !

(for ginnyvos; "something Goku/Gojyo,fluffy funny and smutty if you feel so inclined, ... Angst is good too though")

The room the three of them had been able to afford on their menial wages was small, stuffy, and furnished with nothing but three mattresses on the floor, with barely any room between them. Gojyo woke in the middle of the night to hear a muffled noise coming from Goku's side of the space. It took a couple of minutes for his foggy brain to realize that the kid was crying.

Goddamn Sanzo! How could he just leave the poor little bastard like that?

After a minute, he couldn't stand it any more. Life had become so fucking complicated since Sanzo left, but this was something even a stupid halfbreed punk could handle. He crawled over to Goku's mattress and put his arms around the younger man.

For a minute, Goku was stiff and unresponsive, refusing the simple comfort. Then he relaxed and let Gojyo spoon up behind him. The sobbing died out. Goku sniffled for a moment or two, and then fell silent. Gojyo congratulated himself silently and was about to fall asleep when Goku wriggled and turned in his arms, grabbed him, and kissed him. Hard.

And here I thought things couldn't get more complicated!


Tags: antique bakery, flashfic, kurosagi corpse delivery service, not saiyuki-time, pet shop of horrors, samurai deeper kyo, sdk, watership down, xxxholic
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